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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
  Huffington has decided to withdraw from the recall race. She now intends to fight the recall as she believes that is the only way to keep Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming Governor.

This isn't really important news. Huffington didn't do that much. She didn't have much of a following. All she did was muck up the debates with personal attacks on Davis, Bustamante, and Schwarzenegger. Her ideas didn't amount to much more than spending less money on prisons. I doubt her week of fighting the recall will amount to any discernable significance. 
Thursday, September 25, 2003
  Moving back to College and not having internet or TV or anything sucks. Now is better.

Schwarzenegger got the endorsement of Bill Simon. I don't really know why the media places such importance on the endorsement of the dropouts. I mean, maybe the few truly hardcore supporters of Simon would follow anything he would say, but the majority of his supporters would simply reevaluate the election and choose their alternative choice.

Arnold participated in his only scheduled debate yesterday. Of course, not having cable yet, I didn't get to watch. I'm going to look for a transcript online. 
Monday, September 15, 2003
  Wow. This is interesting. The 9th Circuit Appeals Court has apparently halted the October 7th Recall. I don't really know what the outcome of this will be. 
  I was trying to go to sleep, and I noticed C-Span was rerunning coverage of Saturday's Republican and Democratic Conventions.

The Republican convention reminded me of a legitimate political gathering, with the typically abundant and excessive breaks for applause, as well as typical political sounding speeches. The Democratic convention reminded me of a mob scene, or a sporting event, where there were constant chants from the crowd of NO RE-CALL and RE-CALL BUSH. They also keep holding up their signs, blocking the camera's view of the Governor.

This just seems interesting to me. I'm not trying to make any generalizations about Republicans or Democrats. There are plenty of occasions where a group of Republicans will act like a mob and where Democrats will act like normal politicians.

I have something on my mind about Proposition 49, but I can't find my reference, so I'll leave it for now.
Saturday, September 13, 2003
  So, I'm reading the sample ballot for the recall, and I notice a section that indicates the proponent’s reasons for recall as well as the Governor's answer to their statement. The reasons are well documented and known, so I won't go in to them. What is interesting is the Governor's response.

Now, I would think that the Governor would want to write his own response when he is being targeted for recall. This statement was obviously not written by Davis, although he signs it. He also mentions the recall petition, and the projected costs of the recall. It seems like this whole statement was written before the recall even qualified for the ballot.

Davis' statement criticized the leader of the recall effort and the Bush administration.

Basically, I don't know how Davis could let something like this happen. I mean, he has shown that he isn't competent as governor, but, until now, he had been a reasonably good politician in terms of maintaining a public image. Now, he looks like a fool on the very ballot where he is being recalled. 
Tuesday, September 09, 2003
  Peter Ueberroth dropped out of the race today. This isn't big news and shouldn't make much difference in the long run, because he didn't have many supporters. But, I'm sure some of his supporters will vote for Arnold instead, so this is nothing but good news. 
Tuesday, September 02, 2003
  I recently discovered an article in a local paper that mentioned Arnold's campaign and my blog specifically. It's not especially well written, but it did attack me personally, so I feel the need to respond to it.

The article attempts to explore Arnold's character through his online manifestations. I think that's a funny way to put it, because most of her reference sites, such as my blog, aren't endorsed (or probably even known) by Arnold.

Her first two paragraphs aren't even factually accurate. She talks about Arnold's official web site, but none of her complaints can actually be seen upon visiting the site.

Her third paragraph is full of questions about Arnold's use of marijuana. She doesn't seem to have a focus here, and this has nothing to do with any Schwarzenegger online presence, so I don't know why it was included in this article.

The fourth point is the attack on my blog. She calls it "embarrassingly bad." She backs this claim with one sentence: "Not only is this blogger completely incapable of using the ridiculously simple software provided by Blogspot, but his links also don't take us to anything more exotic than"

Hmm. I don't know how I am completely incapable of using Blogger, because apparently she read the site, and thousands of other people have as well. If she doesn't like, that's one thing. But I think it's quite obvious that I have linked to a lot more. Maybe she couldn't read the blog after all.

She then goes on to claim that "Arnold's detractors are morons," only on the basis that and aren't being used to slander him.

Her final point addresses people who wish to make money banking on Arnold's name recognition and selling shirts. She think's it's probably a copywrite infringement to use the phrase Total Recall. Well, she obviously didn't think to back up her information. For one thing, newspapers across the country used Arnold's movie catch phrases and titles in their headlines when he first announced his candidacy. They were "making a profit on somebody else's intellectual property," and they didn't suffer any consequences.

I'm sorry to have devoted so much space toward this poorly written and poorly researched article. Well, what more can be expected from someone with the e-mail address
  First, I want to apologize for my lack of new material recently. It would be one thing if I had a good reason, but I don't. So, sorry.

I haven't seen any of Arnold's campaign commercials yet, so I can't really comment on them.

Cruz Bustamante is exploiting a loophole to receive massive special interest donations. Wow, it's nice to know that the Lieutenant Governor intentionally avoids the obvious will of the voters and the specified intent of the law. Apparently he intends to receive four million dollars in contributions from special interests. Of course, I don't think all the money in the world could buy Bustamante the election, so I won't worry much about this for the time being.

Everybody knows Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very wealthy man. They even say he could become the wealthiest Governor California has ever had, for whatever that's worth. When he first announced that he was going to run, he said "As you know, I don't need to take money from anyone. I have plenty of money myself." Arnold's rejection of special interests is one of the main reasons I have decided to support his campaign. Special interests have no place in government.

Most people don't realize how deeply special interests and corporate campaign contributions have infected our government. It seems that most people believe the stereotypes, where the tobacco and gun industries and such heavily contribute to the Republicans, and the labor unions and teachers and whatnot contribute to the Democrats,.

There is a website,, that provides data on campaign contributions. There are some disturbing examples.

Take Enron. From 1990 to 2002, they contributed approximately six million dollars to federal candidates and parties. The split was about 4.5 million to Republicans and 1.5 million to Democrats. The tobbacco industry contributed 50 million dollars over that same timeframe, with approximately the same split between the parties. Oil and gas, 150 million dollars, same ratio. This doesn't seem quite right.

The same can be said for industries that are shown as favoring the Democrats. Pro Choice groups have given almost 13 million dollars, 75% to Democrats and 25% to Republicans. Education contributed 60 million dollars, about 65% Democrat 35% Republican.

Basically, this is supposed to show that all these politicians are in the pockets of special interests. While these interest groups will usually favor one party or the other, they tend to contribute to both in order to cover all the possibilities. The result is that all the politicians owe special interests because of their contributions, and the interest groups will have their voice heard in government while the people are ignored. This is why any candidate that swears off special interest money has a huge leg up on any that accepts it. This is a major reason why Arnold is a better candidate than any of the other well known participants in this recall. 
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